Boa constrictors as pets

Published: 22nd March 2010
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If you quite fancy being a pet owner, then you may have given some consideration as to adopting a boa constrictor as a pet. However, it is imperative that you come to appreciate that caring for a boa takes commitment and they require a considerable amount of time and patience devoted to them in order to them keep happy and safe. In particular, a prospective boa pet owner should consider the following two factors:

The size of a boa constrictor: One of the most common types of boa that is kept as a pet by people is the boa constrictor imperator and you need to be aware that this can grow to 7 - 8 feet in length. If you think that is impressive, then you will be even more awed to discover that the red tailed boa grows beyond the 10 feet margin. Hopefully, it should be fairly evident that you will need a considerable amount of space for your red tailed boa, so that it can move around freely and without discomfort. Large boas also need to eat a lot, and large prey items such as rats or even rabbits will need to be offered.

Lifespan: Even with a conservative estimate being used, a boa constrictor in captivity can survive to around the 20 year mark, which is an extremely long period of time to set aside for the care of a pet. You may find that the long term logistics involved in the care for a boa constrictor is just too hard to manage. After all, whilst most people maybe happy to look after your pet goldfish for a period of time whilst you are on holiday, they may think twice when presented with a 10 foot snake!

Now that we have raised and considered two areas of potential concern, let us now consider whether or not they are actually worth such an investment of time and energy. First and foremost, boas require a certain amount of work to keep them happy and safe, and so this deters a great number of potential owners.

Snakes are derided as being evil within the Bible, and Aesop's Fables often depict them as sly, nasty creatures. In truth, they are beautiful creatures that can bring a considerable amount of happiness to their owner. Indeed, boas are by their very nature docile creatures which despite their rather intimidating appearance and size are often gentle natured. Most boas can be tolerant to handling and tend to make excellent pets. Treat the boa constrictor with respect, and you will have a remarkable friend for life.

Whilst there can be no denying that snakes require a very precise regime of temperature, humidy and diet, they are actually very low maintenance. Cats and dogs maybe the more popular forms of pets but if truth be told, the reality of the matter is that they can be a major burden on their owner. This is because the owner has to contend with their constant demands for exercise, food, attention and the cat/dog will not stop whining until they get what they want. The snake on the other hand, will require only a few minutes each day and otherwise can be left alone.

Boas are great animals to have because they provide enough of a challenge to be pleasurable, whilst at the same time not posing too much of a difficulty so as to frustrate their owner. The boa constrictor is not a pet that will be well liked or tolerated by everyone and therefore it is imperative that you carefully consider your final decision. Given the extremely long lifespan that they invariably enjoy, it is crucial that you are fully committed and able to actually care for them in the long term because otherwise, you will find yourself struggling very badly to deal with them. So take your time, read up on the subject, and speak with other snake owners before making a decision to become a snake owner yourself!

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